pad.♥ short Launchpad URLs is a site-specific redirection service for, so you can easily create short URLs to use in irc, mail, microblogging, or grafitti.

NEW 2019-12: updated to AppEngine Go 1.13.

NEW 2018-09: is served directly over https using App Engine Managed SSL.

If you have suggestions, file a bug or send a merge proposal.

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Patterns or
Any bug, by number.
A person or a team.
Your own person page.
A project. or
File a bug against a project, or an Ubuntu source package. NB, if the package is not found, make sure you're using the source package name, not the binary name. For example, python2.7-doc comes from the source package python2.7.
List of related bugs for a person or team.,
List of bugs in a project, or bugs in an Ubuntu source package., /baf, /bre, /bsu
List of bugs that are assigned to, affect, were reported by, or are subscribed to by a person.
A user-support question. or
Active merge proposals in a project, or an Ubuntu source package. or
A source package in Ubuntu or Debian respectively. (It must be the source package, not the binary name.)
List of branches for a project.
A branch. or
A PPA (either the default or a specifically named one.)
A package build job or
Bazaar branch files in the trunk of a project, or any other branch.
Details of a Launchpad internal error report. (Only accessible to Canonical Launchpad team members, and not always reliable because of OpenID glitches.)